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Massage Therapy at Active Life Chiropractic, Springfield MO

Spring is in the air and Active Life Chiropractic is adding Massage Therapy services in Springfield, MO! We are VERY excited about expanding the services we can offer to you to help you live YOUR active life. Jamie is a LMT who will be here at the office on Tuesday’s. (With plans for more days offered in the future but we’ve got to start somewhere, right?) Jamie does a great job, has been doing this a long time, and has been taking care of Dr. Christina for awhile now. She is a great addition to our practice for providing outstanding, quality care.

So you may be wondering how massage therapy fits into your care. Massage therapy benefits range as widely as chiropractic care benefits; everything from back or neck pain, pregnancy wellness/pain, stress relief, wellness care, frozen shoulders, injury rehab… this list goes on and on. Here is a great link with some more information: http://www.massagetherapy.com/learnmore/benefits.php

To ease your mind because I’ve had some concern from patients as this service is coming to the office. I will still be practicing chiropractic care the same way I have been. Your regular appointment here is still going to include muscle work by me when indicated and for those of you in Graston Therapy, that is still only me able to do that at Active Life. Jamie will be available for those instances when there needs to be more extensive muscle work, focus on an area/condition, or for those that just love having a great massage in conjunction with chiropractic care.

We have a few appointments left in the morning Tuesday April 1 (no this ISN’T an April Fools Joke) so give us a call today and get your spot on the books!  417-891-9700

Dr. Christina

Active Life Chiropractic, Dr. Christina