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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!




Girl Scout Cookies and Chiropractic?

So we all know that time of the year. When the cute little girl scouts come knocking on our doors…er… coming by our place of employment (because everyone knows we don’t go knocking on doors anymore, that’s “dangerous.”) trying to pre-sell us cookies. It’s tough. Our new year’s resolutions are going really well right now, or at least still haven’t fallen completely off the wagon yet, so what is a new athlete to do?


Here is the answer: Buy the cookies! Just maybe don’t buy a year’s supply to put in the freezer too. (Because we all know that Thin Mints freeze well and can be enjoyed for months and months). I am a firm believer of everything in moderation. No the cookie isn’t healthy, and that is okay as a treat. We can’t neglect our wants all the time or we really will be off that healthy wagon before it makes the turn into spring.


So I know those Girl Scout initially orders have to be into the leaders in about a week now so find your favorite Scout and help them learn how to be a responsible business person and don’t feel any guilt about it.


*Brought to you by a mom of a new Daisy and understanding how popular these cookies really are for the first time, and the guilt of the purchasers as they fill out that form!

Dr. Christina