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Spring is in the air… or winter…



I’m not sure what season it is, but here at Active Life Chiropractic we are doing a lot of wellness¬†chiropractic care to help keep our patients strong with this back and forth weather. Wellness care is simply coming in for an adjustment at regular periods to keep your spine and extremity joints moving as they should. It isn’t necessarily about pain management, although some people’s wellness care keeps their back or neck from hurting again. It is about living at your optimal performance for you.


This back and forth weather pattern we have been experiencing does take a toll on our immune system and that often shows up as subluxations in our spine. Even if you haven’t been into the office in awhile, give us a call and schedule yourself a tune up. 417-891-9700. Much like going to the dentist every 6 months, you’ll feel good about taking care of your spine AND your health!