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Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Experience

As many of you know, I hurt my back in 2015 at a duathlon event (run-bike-run) and have been hobbling along ever since. However, I had not begun actually doing the rehabilitation work until recently. This fall I finally got serious about fixing my back, so I got myself into sports medicine rehabilitation. The experience has been amazing so far. Working with my trainer Mikel twice a week has shown me how important balance, strength, and symmetry is for a well-functioning body. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments is supporting the exercises and has made the process go smoothly and quickly.


This experience has also reminded me that what is best for the patient sometimes includes other disciplines alongside chiropractic. I have always felt that integrative medicine is the best approach, but to see it in action in my own injury has reinforced just how important it can be. I strongly believe that the exercise regimen wouldn’t be going as smoothly without the chiropractic, and I knew that chiropractic alone, without the strengthening, wasn’t going to get me to my goals.


I am very excited to have been able to set realistic goals for my next training season. I have 3 Sprint Triathlons planned with the Ozarks Multisport Club and am registered for the Half Eurekan in August. I have my work cut out for me this winter to be ready, but I can finally look forward to getting back to a solid race season and not wondering if my back will be able to tolerate activity.




The Eurekan is a bucket list item for me, and you can check it out at: http://eurekasportsfestival.com/eurekan.htm