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What’s happening at Active Life Chiropractic???

2020 is crazy right? I could have never prepared myself for a season like this but I’m trying to find the moments of good in the ride. As we are moving into the fall school semester, as usual, my work schedule changes some so that I can help my husband with getting our kids to and from school and to their evening activities. Since 2020 is a crazy year, my fall hours are going to be a little whacky too. Not crazy whack, just a little bit. The essence of the schedule will be half day’s on Wednesday and Friday’s and full days on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s. The details of the start and stop for appointments will vary some week by week. We now have online scheduling available. You have to register for an account and the office approve it then you will be set to do online scheduling. The link for the registration and site is:


We have a great team at the office. Everyone is cross trained and able to answer questions and help in the back office as needed. Super excited for the different strengths each brings to the office. I’m trying to spotlight each employee on our Facebook page over the next few weeks.


I have no idea what the fall and winter will bring. As always, we will try to keep our facebook, phone systems, and website updated with new information as things change in this crazy time we are living in. Thank you to everyone for your kindness, patience, and understanding as we all are navigating working and living in this pandemic.

~dr. Christina