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Patient Testimonials

Patient chiropractic testimonials and referrals are our greatest compliment. We strive to provide top quality chiropractic care and customer service. If you’d like to include your testimonial on our website please send us a message or let us know when you are in for your appointment. Make sure any referrals you send us mention your name to get entered into the programs we use to thank you for helping us help others live an active life!


Andrea from Springfield

Can’t thank you enough for all your awesome adjustment work on me! I got a whole night of pain free sleep last night!!


Kevin Baker, Springfield

I have had the opportunity to interact with Christina in different ways. First and foremost Christina is a fabulous Chiropractor. She is knowledgeable and helpful to her patients. Secondly, Christina is a ethical business owner and a true professional! Lastly, Christina is true family oriented mother that KNOWS how to juggle the needs of her family and her business and both are turning out to be VERY successful. I highly recommend Christina to be your next doctor!


Wade from Overland Park

I highly recommend Dr. Thomas!! She is a great doctor!!


Anita from Springfield

Dr. Thomas has gotten me out of chronic pain! Thank you Dr. Thomas!


Josh from Springfield

Selecting a good chiropractor can be challenging because most of us know so little about the skeletal and muscular systems, it can be hard to distinguish between a sales pitch and a well-educated, professional opinion. Dr. Thomas did not try to promise me outlandish results; in fact she had a very modest and realistic solution to my back problem. I have spoken to two chiropractors and a massage therapist, and Dr. Thomas made me feel by far the most comfortable, and won my vote on the spot. I started treatment during that same meeting with her. NOT a typical buyer’s approach for me! I would recommend her to any man, woman, child, horse, dog, or anything in need of chiropractic care!


Dean from Springfield

Dr. Thomas is the best!  I have been seeing Chiropractors for over twenty years. Christina and her staff are very nice, thorough and professional. I actually look forward to treatments, and our dog Buster enjoys visiting as well, only in part due to the treats from Joe!


Piper Lee, Springfield

After having some trouble with my sciatic last fall I decided to to go to Active Life. I felt like I could hardly walk by the time I decided to see Dr. Christina, but I was very pleased with amount of care she took in my initial exam and treatment plan. After just a few treatments I felt an immense improvement and was able to move more freely again!

Active Life not only has Dr. Christina, but has an awesome staff as well! Everyone is very personable and a pleasure to see.

What I love most of all is that I can also have my pet treated as well through someone that I know and trust. Though humans are foremost at Active Life, I had a wonderful experience with my pet as well.