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FAQ about ALC


Are you going to do that Pretzel adjusting thing?

That “pretzel” technique is called Side Posture adjusting. We are able to offer a wide variety of techniques and while Dr. Christina’s primary adjusting technique utilizes the drop table and not side posture, but we have many techniques we can utilize for your care.

I’m terrified of my neck being adjusted, so I should probably just not come in right?

We encourage you to come in and talk with the doctor about your concerns. She will spend the time you need to feel comfortable with your care here at Active Life Chiropractic. Dr. Christina has an extremely gentle adjusting technique so that even those who fear getting their neck adjusted are usually comfortable with her but both doctors also has the Activator Instrument for adjusting as well if you still aren’t comfortable with manual neck adjustments.

How often do I have to come in, because my friend says once I start getting adjusted I’ll have to keep coming forever.

This is a very common worry from people who have never been adjusted before. I’ll start by saying that this misconception is FALSE, you don’t HAVE to keep coming for adjustments forever once you start. I’ll follow that with this though, most people who understand what chiropractic care is about will WANT to come in from time to time forever. There are different levels of achievement that chiropractic can help you attain. If you are in pain and just want to treat the pain, then the amount of time “in care” is much less than someone who wishes to be in care to prevent future pain and promote overall health/wellness. Here at Active Life Chiropractic we respect that this is your decision on if you want symptomatic, functional, or wellness care and we are more than happy to discuss this with you so that you can make the best choice for your circumstances.

But to answer the first part of that question, typically if a patient comes in with a complaint of back pain they will need to come in a couple times a week for the first week or two and then we reduce the frequency of appointments just as soon as your body will allow us to. Things that factor into this are age, activity level, overall health, and complicating factors so we are unable to be more specific until after the first patient visit.