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Springfield, MO 65804

What is a cash practice?

No Insurance? High Deductible? No Chiropractic benefits?   NO PROBLEM!


We are a cash practice which means that we are able to offer services to you at the most economical rate possible. Our experience has been that most insurance companies’ copays are higher than our regular appointment fees. We do not bill insurance for your appointment. On every receipt, you will receive all the codes you need to send into your insurance company to apply to your deductible or if you have chiropractic benefits in your insurance plan, the company will send you a check directly for the amount allowed. It really is as easy as putting a stamp on and mailing!


“Can I use my HSA Account?”

Absolutely! Chiropractic care is a medical expense that is included in health savings accounts.


We have a family discount medical insurance policy called Chirohealth USA. You enroll with CHUSA for $49.00 each year. After that we are able to discount services with the stipulation that you and your child (ages 0-12) come in together at the same appointment time. It makes it more affordable for you and your entire family to come in for top-quality care at Active Life Chiropractic.



**We are not able to take Medicaid, new Medicare, Personal Injury, or Worker’s Comp cases. Any records requested by your insurance company for a claim will have a charge per Missouri statutes that will be applied to the patient’s ledger.