3250 E. Battlefield, Suite P
Springfield, MO 65804

Virtual Tour

We are located in Fox Grape Center on Battlefield near Hwy 65 but our front door actually faces Ingram Mill, around the corner from Pasta Express.

Virtual 360 Walkthrough

Are you a new patient who would like to see what our offices look like before coming in?

Check out this Virtual 360 Walkthrough to know what to expect.


We have seating while you wait for your appointment and a check in computer that you will use to put in your complaints on each of your visits after the first. The doctor will be able to review your information you put into this computer before and after your appointment. We also have a room for children or families to wait for their appointment(s).

In keeping with an earthy organic atmosphere, the front desks were fashioned out of local barn wood and reclaimed wood to reduce our environmental impact. This is the area where you will check out and be able to schedule your future appointments.

Retail items are available for purchase at the front desk. Please let us know if you would like to look at any of the products and we are happy to get them down for you.

Treatment Rooms:

Dr. Christina's Treatment Room

We have two chiropractic treatment rooms. We currently utilize one main treatment room but at times you may be placed in the adjacent room if we are a little busier than usual. There is seating for a companion in each of the rooms if you would like and places to set your belongings and glasses during treatment.

Dr. Christina’s drop table has a breakaway abdominal piece that can accommodate women during their entire pregnancy and also raises up and down in height to allow for doctor soft tissue treatments like Active Release Technique and Graston Technique.

Therapy Bay:

  • Our therapy bay is an open style area that has tables that are used for various therapies.
  • There is a treatment table that is utilized primarily for brief muscle work performed by our therapists in conjunction with your chiropractic treatment when indicated.
  • We have an area separated for performing laser therapy.
  • The Non-surgical Spinal Decompression table is located in this area and arranged that the therapist can be available if needed during the treatment.