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We are excited to be a center for health and wellness in Springfield MO. We tailor your treatment plan and techniques used to your case. As a two doctor practice, we are able to offer appointment hours to fit most people’s schedule without compromising your progress.


We treat Athletes, Maternity, Families, and Pediatrics

Active Release Technique, RockTape, Graston/IAST, Massage

Josh from Springfield, MO

Selecting a good chiropractor can be challenging because most of us know so little about the skeletal and muscular systems, it can be hard to distinguish between a sales pitch and a well-educated, professional opinion. Dr. Thomas did not try to promise me outlandish results; in fact she had a very modest and realistic solution to my back problem. I have spoken to two chiropractors and a massage therapist, and Dr. Thomas made me feel by far the most comfortable, and won my vote on the spot. I started treatment during that same meeting with her. NOT a typical buyer’s approach for me! I would recommend her to any man, woman, child, horse, dog, or anything in need of chiropractic care!

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New Patients FAQs

We understand your time is valuable, and we try out best to make your first experience at Active Life enjoyable while still gathering the information we need to tailor your chiropractic care to your case. Allot 60 to 90 minutes for your first visit. Treatment time depends on time spent filling out paperwork and the complexity of your condition.

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