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We tailor your treatment plan and techniques used to your case.


We treat Athletes, Maternity, Families, and Pediatrics

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After having some trouble with my sciatic last fall I decided to to go to Active Life. I felt like I could hardly walk by the time I decided to see Dr. Christina, but I was very pleased with amount of care she took in my initial exam and treatment plan. After just a few treatments I felt an immense improvement and was able to move more freely again!
Active Life not only has Dr. Christina, but has an awesome staff as well! Everyone is very personable and a pleasure to see.
What I love most of all is that I can also have my pet treated as well through someone that I know and trust. Though humans are foremost at Active Life, I had a wonderful experience with my pet as well.

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New Patients FAQs

We understand your time is valuable, and we try our best to make your first experience at Active Life enjoyable while still gathering the information we need to tailor your chiropractic care to your case. Allot 60 to 90 minutes for your first visit. Treatment time depends on time spent filling out paperwork and the complexity of your condition.

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